Five qualities to look for in a tablet repair company. has changed the way in which people live in incredible ways.  If you were to tell most people ten years ago that everyone in a decade would have a computer phone in their pockets that they could use to access the Internet, take pictures, and video chat, they probably would have looked at you like you were a crazy person.  However, this is exactly what the iPhone does, and then some.  Smartphones, iPhones, iPads, tablets, smart TVs, and numerous other electronic devices have changed the way people interact, how they spend their free time, and how they communicate with those around them.  The impact on society simply can’t be overstated.

The one downside of all of these electronics and their immersion into everyone’s life is that when they break, people literally lose their minds.  If you were to take a smartphone from a teenager, and tell them they could never have it back again, you may have to get ready to fight.  When smartphones, tablets or computers break, they can greatly impact a person’s life.  If they were planning on receiving a call, watching a movie, or getting some work done, and the device they were going to do it on is gone, it doesn’t make for a pretty site.

For this reason, thousands of tablet repair companies, cell phone repair companies, and computer repair companies have sprang up all over the country.  Their purpose is to help people get their electronics fixed as quickly as possible so that they can go on with their lives.  The problem with having so many stores out there is that consumers often don’t know which one to pick.  Here is a list of five qualities to look for in a tablet repair company.  Any company that excels at these five points will be a good choice when the time comes to repair your tablet.

1.  Affordability.  Since electronic devices can be incredibly expensive, repairing them can often cost a pretty penny.  However, some great companies, like ZAGG Phone Repair,, have streamlined their operations to decrease superfluous costs.  Since they only focus on the important aspects of repair, their costs are much less than their competition.

2.  Prompt.  When you need a device up and working, you don’t have time for a company to take their time.  Only work with companies that are prompt.  If they say they’ll have it done in an hour, then they should have it done in an hour.

3.  Location.  Look for repair stores located in areas where you can take care of other errands while they repair it.  If they are located in a mall or shopping center, then you’ll be able to take care of other shopping while they repair your tablet.

4.  Variety of services.  The more types of tablets they can work on, the more types of repair they can handle, the better.  You need to make sure that they can make the repairs that your device needs.

5.  Experience.  Finally, as with all things, only work with companies with vast amounts of experience.  The more tablets they’ve repaired, the more effective and efficient they’ll be when repairing yours.


Self Storage units give you somewhere to store your toys

Getting some toys like a boat or an RV even some four wheelers whatever it may be can be a lot of fun. It makes for a good weekend and for some great activities to do. Unfortunately sometimes these toys don’t fit around there homes. Luckily today you have self storage units that can give you the ability to store these toys.  Being able to have a storage unit to put your toys and makes it a possibility for many people. It is not always easy to store the toys but being able to have them does require the space. In order to be able to store them in a safe place is also important part of being up on If you don’t have a safe place for them to keep them and do not want people constantly being able to spot them get to them and possibly stilling it means that you have got to be a lady to put them in an area where they’re going to be safe under lock and key. This is what a self storage unit can do for you.  With a good storage unit you’ll be able to have a place to have a boat storage or even RV storage. Big items like these can be a very hard to store around the home and being able to put them in a storage unit makes it a possibility for many people.

But being able to have the space should not be a factor for you being able to own one. You’ll be able to have the space you’re looking for and benefit from it greatly. When you have great places like Platinum Storage LK Min Storage available you will be able to get the storage that you were looking for when you need it. You’ll be able to find that you can own the toys even without the space. This is allowing many people to benefit greatly and to love the possibilities from a storage unit. When it comes time to make the decision to buy your next toy realize that you can make it happen even though you may not have the space it’s your own you will be able to have a storage facility hold it for you. This makes the possibility for you something that you can truly love and enjoy as possible and you will be able to have the fun and the ability to get the getaway that you’ve been looking for with a RV or a boat or whatever toy you were looking into owning.  Allow your storage unit to let you have the ability to get the toys that you want. Being able to have them and enjoy them in a way that makes it possible for you allows you to a safe way to store  securely and not having to worry about them being unsafe because you have been protected in under surveillance helps to feel comfortable with where they are being stored.

It’s a great way for you to be able to conveniently see how owning your special toys is a possibility. Making it possible is with a storage unit is all about. They have a way for you to be able to get to the special items that you want for your home and be able to benefit greatly from the endless possibilities in storage possibilities that you have for all your items including those special toys that we will all want to have included with that endless possibility.  So have Platinum Storage LK Min Storage store your toys today.

The Industry Needs for Large Pipe Fabrication Projects

You may not realize it when you pass by one, but a complex such as a large industrial factory, plant or even refinery is designed in such a specific way that the construction of such a building takes time and typically requires the manufacturing and partial assembly to take place in various other facilities. The facilities that participate in this type of building are considered to be that of the industrial construction field. These companies specialize in the conceptualization, design, manufacturing and assembly of all different types of structures and operational pieces of epipe bending fabricationquipment for many different type of industries. These industries range from power and nuclear to oil, petrochemical and energy industries. All of which require the implementation of various moving parts and elements to create an essentially large operational device.

The fabrication process can combine the building of many different type of material components, specifically that of metal. Pipe fabrication is a significant project when it comes to industry construction. The method of pipe fabrication is essentially an entity in it’s own because of the significant contribution it has towards to the construction of various industry plants and complexes.

The Petrochemical industry specializes in the process of gathering certain chemical compounds and products from petroleum. This process is part of the system that involves oil refineries. The manufacturing of these products has to be done on a very large scale. There are different parts of petrochemical plant that will work with different types of chemicals, therefore the use of one singular system is not practical. Here is where an extensive project of pipe fabrication is needed. Differing metals and fabricating procedures are required to meet the varying needs of a specific petrochemical plant.

Nuclear and furthermore, the energy industry, rely on various components to generate heat and electricity. Nuclear is a specific form of this type of energy collection and it is one that also relies on specific fabrication techniques. There is actually a fabrication method called nuclear fabrication which develops the necessary systems needed to test and derive energy from various complex and obviously dangerous nuclear processes.

The power industry is in the same family as the energy industry, however this is the actual application of already element derived energy to those of energy customers. This storage and delivery of energy, so to speak, requires similar construction and implementation like that of a petrochemical and nuclear plant. An energy facility essentially works with grids and these grids rely on the pipe fabrication expertise of an industrial construction company.

Oil and gas companies often operate and manufacture their product through rigs or land stable refineries. These structures vary in design and obviously environmental needs, but the fabrication process requires extensive use of pipe bending fabrication and coating. The intricate production of oil and gas is what makes a production plant so large. All those pipes actually do service important individual purposes as well as contributing to a safe and stable structure that can meet the rigorous demands of production, as well as the much needed safety barrier for those working around it.

Turner Industries

8687 United Plaza Blvd.

Baton Rouge, LA 70809



Ten self storage rental tips you need to know.

Since more people are using the services of self storage facilities than ever before, it seems fitting to offer advice and best practices.  Most people simply grab all of the things that they want to store, rent a unit that they think should be about the right size, and then throw everything into it.  They fail to take into account and consider what it is that they are storing, why they are storing it, and how long they plan on keeping it there.  All of these things are crucial things for people to think about.  The whole reason why people end up renting out storage units is that they don’t want to throw the items away.  Clearly, they care about the items enough to at least want to keep them for awhile longer.  To make the storage process more successful, here are ten self storage rental tips you need to know.  Plan ahead.  Take the time to plan everything ahead, such as how you’ll get your items from you home to the unit, what you’re going to be storing at the unit, and how you want to store it.

2.  Organize before storing.  Take the time before moving stuff to storage to organize everything into labeled boxes.  This will not only make moving everything easier, but it will make storing the items in the unit easier as well.

3.  Protect your goods.  Be sure to protect all of the items that you plan on storing.  For couches, sofas, recliners, and beds, this means covering them with blankets, sheets, and bags.  For wood tables, it means wrapping all of the wood in bubble wrap to prevent the items from being scratched.  It also means putting wood pallets down to keep everything off of the ground by a couple of inches.

4.  Security.  Be sure to store all of your items securely.  Make sure the facility has a gated entrance, video surveillance, and that the units have strong locks on all of them.

5.  Items you need go at the front.  Store any items that you might need more frequently at the front of the unit.  This will ensure that you don’t have to pull everything out just to get to one item.

6.  Understand what you are storing.  If you’re storing inventory, build shelves.  If you’re storing things that you won’t need until you’re taking all of them out, pack everything in as tight as possible.

7.  Utilize the height of the unit.  This is pretty straightforward.

8.  Understand your climate.  If you live in a particularly humid, hot, or cold climate, consider renting a climate controlled unit.

9.  Use shelves if necessary.  See item number 6.

10.  Get the size right.  There is no need to pay for a larger unit than you need, and it’s a huge hassle to find out the unit you’re renting is too small.  Get the size right the first time by asking staff at the facility to help you determine.

After understanding all of these tips, the final tip is that you need to find a great facility to rent from.  Storage Direct is one such storage facility located in Southern California. They’ll be able to answer any questions you might have and get you set up with the right type of unit for your needs.

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Submerged turntables add an eerie quality to the sound of your favorite vinyl albums

Have you been pleased with the sounds of your favorite vinyl albums and yet been curious as to what makes said records really sing? After all, there seem to be a lot of things that http://www.soundstagedirect.comimpact the sounds that come out of a turntable or your favorite records and some strange tweaks that people have made over the years to achieve different sounds. After all, what is art if it is just left stagnant? How do you find any kind of satisfaction in things that do not change but instead are allowed to remain in this stagnant space? The true artist and audiophiles like the thrill of experimenting with sound in such a way as to create something entirely new, just from these experiments.

One such example of experimentation and artistry comes in the form of artist Evan Holm’s “submerged turntables” exhibit. Submerged? The exhibit features turntables that are, as you might have guessed from the title, submerged beneath the surface of a pool of dark water. That’s right folks- just imagine your favorite Rega turntable spinning records beneath a pool of dark water. Why, you might wonder, would someone take the risk with these turntables to create a strange sound? The results of the art exhibit have no left much to be desired. The sound is beautiful, eerie, and haunting in a way that one might expect water played beneath a pool to sound. Imagine, for a moment, the chapter in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire during which Harry struggles with the golden egg, the clue to the second task. The golden egg screeches when opened above water, creating a harsh and terrifying sound that no one would ever dream of listening to. But, when the egg is opened under water, a hauntingly beautiful melody appears. While most records that we love do not sound like the screeches of this egg, the haunting sounds of the music being played under water is truly something to hear.

What did the artist have in mind when trying this experiment out? Well, his thoughts were perhaps a little different than you might imagine. To Holm, the pool is representative of both loss and the mystery of the collective subconscious of humanity. The goal in placing the records under the surface is to obscure them, bringing a sense of loss and remorse towards the collective subconscious. However, this is fleeting because out of this comes the sounds of the record. So, the goal and the message of the piece becomes a powerful recognition of all the human race that has gone before us, celebrating the past and the present and that which has influenced the sound of our collective humanity.

This is the kind of powerful art that we have records to thank. Indeed, perhaps the recent vinyl revival is just another way of our world recognizing all we have to thank in the artists of the past. Find your connections to the past through the extensive collection at SoundStage Direct, and remember that the musical past is, in many ways, a key to the future.

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One company is the best for self storage.

There are numerous reasons why people determine that they need to rent a self storage unit.  Sometimes, a close relative passes away, and their items need to be stored in a storage unit until people are ready to go through them.  Others need a place to store all of their seasonal items, while others use units to store things that they collect.  Still, other people rent storage units to store all of their items while they are in between homes, i.e. they just sold their home and can’t move into their new one for a few weeks.  Whatever the reasons why people use storage units, the fact of the matter is that a lot of people do.  This means that in every major city, and even in quite small ones, there are numerous different storage facilities for people to choose from.  Options are great, but they make the process of selecting one more difficult.  In Southern California, the selection process is simple because one company is the clear choice in the region.  Located in Irvine, CA, Storage Direct is the best self storage company in the area, and it isn’t even close. one, Storage Direct is a part of the Platinum Storage Group, a company that manages and organizes over 40 different facilities nationwide.  They have worked in the industry for countless years.  This experience has allowed them to gain the necessary knowledge to understand and anticipate anyone’s storage needs.  They understand that each person needs a particular unit type to fit their needs, and thus they work tirelessly to deliver numerous options to their customers.  This is another reason why they are such an exceptional company.  They offer RV, boat, wine, and personal storage at a large number of their facilities, and the Storage Direct facility in Irvine is no exception.

One of the other major reasons why Storage Direct is such a great choice is the number of moving supplies they offer at their facility.  It can be incredibly frustrating to get to your unit and realize you need one more box, some tape, a hand truck, some extra peanuts, or any number of other moving supplies.  Storage Direct offers all of these supplies at their facility, making it easy for you to grab what you need when you need it.

Another thing that really sets their company apart is their understanding of the industry and their desire to pass what they know onto you.  On their website they have a blog that is dedicated to helping people learn more about all things storage, from how to pack your unit to what kinds of precautions you should take with your items before storing them.  Their customer service is exceptional, so their staff that are on site are always willing to answer any sorts of questions you might have.

All of the things that have been outlined above describe many of the things that are so great about Storage Direct.  None of their storage units will disappoint, so stop by and check their facility out.

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5 Reasons you should be thoughtful about the boxes you use when packing your self storage unit.

When you begin to pack up your self storage unit, there are a few things that need to be kept in mind. After all, with so many things on your mind and on your plate when moving and packing up a self storage unit, you probably are inclined to just pack everything in any way that it fits and move on to the next thing on your list. This is simply not an efficient way to go about setting up your storage unit, as it is likely to leave you with damaged goods as well as other problems such as difficulty navigating a path through your self storage unit. Therefore, you need to be thoughtful when you pack your self storage unit so that all of your possessions are stored safely and securely, leaving you with the best possible set up. Here are the five top reasons you should take self storage unit packing seriously and the ways that you can help yourself achieve these goals:

  1. Avoid breakage: When you pack your self storage unit, there is only so much that those four walls will be able to do to protect your possessions. They can shelter them from the elements, keep them safe and locked up, and ensure that no one damages the goods while they are inside. However, if you fail to pack the self storage unit properly in the first place, then you will find yourself in a difficult situation, with boxes of broken items all sitting safely in your self storage unit. Indeed, if you fail to take proper care of your things in the first place, the blame cannot be placed on your self storage unit when these items do not stay in good condition. Do not waste your time, effort and money storing these items if you are only going to damage them in the long run by being careless with your packing.
  2. Keep things in good condition: Packing your self storage unit properly is not just about avoiding breakage, but also about keep items in good condition. For example, if you cram all your clothes haphazardly into a giant box, it is doubtful that they will remain in good condition, not matter how excellent your mini self storage rental unit is. Pack wisely.
  3. Easy access: Packing your possessions carefully in boxes is one thing; organizing them effectively in your self storage unit is another thing entirely. If you are careless about the placement of your possessions within your self storage unit, then you are likely to find yourself spending a lot of time wandering aimlessly through your unit, digging through boxes, and hoping to find the item you were looking for. Instead, create aisles through the boxes and items and label everything to make things easier to locate.
  4. Put frequently needed items near the front: Many people end up keeping their self storage units for a lot longer than they imagine they will. For this reason, make your mini storage rental set up in such a way as to facilitate access to seasonal items as you might need them after all!

Infuse your home made body wash with the essential oils of your choosing.

It’s that time again. What time? Grocery store time. And it’s time for you to get a new body wash again. Seems like it happens all too often, doesn’t it? Do you have the problem where you can never seem to find a body wash that fits your needs just right? They always oil diffuser have too many ingredients, you aren’t sure if there is gluten in it or not and you’re not sure it is helping you to keep your skin as healthy as it possibly could be.

What if you were told that you could actually make your very own body wash. You could pick your own scents and make it as moisturizing and foaming as you love body wash to be. Wouldn’t that just be spectacular? Well it’s totally easy and you only need a little bit of time and a few ingredients. Then you can have your own body wash ready to get your fresh and clean.

You can pick different ways to make your body wash but since this recipe was created with the oncoming cold weather, it was chosen to be more moisturizing so mango butter was added to the recipe. However you can use shea butter instead of mango butter. All you you need is 1/4 cup shea or mango butter, 1/8 cup aloe vera gel, 1/8 cup vanilla infused jojoba wax (a carrier or fixed oil), 1 cup castile soup and 1 teaspoon xantham gum.

What follows next is quite simple:

  1. Using a double boiler method of your choosing, melt the shea or mango butter
  2. Add in the jojoba and the aloe
  3. Take the mixture off of the heat and stir in the xantham gum and castile soap
  4. Let it cool but only slightly then add the essential oils of your choosing
  5. Finally, pour your product into your container of choice (you should probably use a funnel)

You can also use this recipe to make a thinner body wash that goes a long way! All you need is a bar of castile soap, 12 cups of water and 2 tablespoons glycerine. You grate the bar of soap, get your water to a simmer in a large pan, add the soap into the water so it melts, remove it from the heat and add the rest of the ingredients. Pour into desired containers and let it set in 24 hours.

Here are some scent combinations that are just divine! You can find these scents as well as amazing oil diffusers to use the rest of your essential oils with at Plant Therapy.

For energy use grapefruit and ginger. You can also use lemon and peppermint but be sure not to use this with children under the age of 10. One of Plant Therapy’s favorite energizing scents is lime and spearmint.

If you want a relaxing body wash, use lavender and Roman chamomile. Be sure to get roman chamomile and not German.

Finally for sensual body wash use Plant Therapy’s sensual synergy which includes ylang ylang, patchouli, sweet orange, lavender, sandalwood and jasmine. You could also try using your partner’s favorite scent.

How to Get a Good Deal from Your Self Storage Company

Getting a good deal from your self storage company requires some ground work in making inquiries and exploring options. When you need a self storage facility, don’t settle for the first company you encounter. Do your homework and ask the right questions to arrive to get the best options.

Do your research

When you have belongings that you need to store, either because you are travelling or to make extra room in your house, it is important to find a storage facility that you can trust. You storage facility should be one that you can rely on to have suitable conditions for the type of items you are storing. It also needs to be practical in terms of cost especially if you need a self-storage facility for a prolonged period of time. You also need to find a storage rental company that is trustworthy.

mini storage


There are a few ways to do your research. One is to use the old yellow pages. Simply head to the self-storage section and browse through the different companies to see the sizes and prizes of facilities in your area. You can also browse online for the same information. Another way to gauge the trustworthiness of a self-storage unit company is through word of mouth. If you are looking for self-storage units within your area, word of mouth can prove very helpful for your search. You may have family and friends who have had good experience in using self-storage facilities and make good recommendations.


There are many self-storagefacilities around thecountry. In some cases the choice only depends on the quality and prize of the self-storage rental units. There are cases, however, that the choice is largely based on its proximity to you. In these instances, it is important to visit some facilities in your area to see for you to be able to inspect it closely and make aninquiry in person. Make sure to find the balance between quality and price. See if the facility is at par with the parameters that you have set and that it fits your budget.

Ask the right questions

When making an inquiry about self storage units, be prepared with the right questions. There are two types of questions. First are those you ask to address specific requirements for the types of items you want to store. For example, regular household items may not require intensive care, valuable such as personal documents, medicine or jewelry will require special handling. Ask your self storage company if their storage spaces is able to house these special requirements. The second types of questions are those that are pretty standard such as pricing, terms of contract and office hours. Make a list of these questions before making an inquiry.

Get a good deal

Most of the time, what it takes to get a good deal from your self storage company is to ask. Ask for special promotions that are applicable to your contract. Some self storage companies provide a special discount for customers who will rent for longer periods or those that need multiple self storage units.


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Magnetic Strips are a Must To Organize Your Business

When it comes to organizing your business, magnet labels are a must. Everyone loves to be organized to help with finding things quickly and for peace of mind. Larger companies use big warehouses to organize and store there things. These large shelving areas need to be organized or their business would not function very smoothly. Many large businesses have inventory always coming in and there is other inventory always leaving. In order to be successful and function smoothly, these items need to be separated into different groups on different shelves. The Label Magnet Company is a large supplier of magnetic labeling supplies. Their items are the best in the business. There labels are sturdy and durable. They don’t come off easily after being placed and the magnetic part of the label lasts for years. These labels are easy to use and they have many different options to choose from. You can go online to their website and find what you need. They always use the best materials and guarantee their labels. After you place your order, you will receive it within about 5 business days. Once you use your labels, you will be so surprised at how functional they are. Instead of falling off of the shelves that you put them on, they will stay in place. They will help you get organized and you will be happy with the quality of the product.

The magnet strips are pre-scored to common label lengths and ready to use. If you need a specialty magnet label, they can do that for you. label magnetsThey also have magnet sheets available as well as a few different colors. They have impeccable customer service and a very good reputation. They also have other products such as superior tape and other products. They will exceed your expectations. There is no comparison to magnetic strip labeling as compared to paper labeling with the sticky residue. Paper labels can be a mess to take off. They also eventually start to curl and the edges come off. They can eventually come off altogether. Sometimes that sticky residue is almost impossible to remove. Magnetic labels are so much easier to use and more efficient. Once you use these products you will never go back to using paper labels. They are not durable or efficient. You need to spend a little extra money to get the labeling supplies that will make your business run more efficiently. You’re initial investment will get you what you need and will last for years to come. It will save you money in the long run as your business becomes more organized and runs more efficiently.

If you use the adhesive magnets, you can put them on materials that don’t have a magnetic field. They will adhere to anything. They are strong and will stay on very well. If you prefer to order the magnetic strip that sticks to anything that has a magnetic field such as metal, you will love how they stay on and don’t move around.



Here are some tips to find a great company for hardwood floor refinishing in Denver. a great company to provide a service can be quite a chore, especially in today’s world where everyone has too many things to do and too little time.  Nobody has the time to search for a company for hours and hours, to check on their references, and to set up a time to meet with them.  This is true with all kinds of companies that provide services, even companies that refinish hardwood floors.

Hardwood floors have become more and more common in homes, which means that the companies in the hardwood floor industry have become more numerous.  Here is a list of tips that should help you find a hardwood floor refinishing company in Denver.

1.  Look for transparency.  One of the first things you should look for in a company that works in the field of hardwood floors is that they are transparent.  Companies that try to hide the prices of their services or the past work that they have done probably have a reason for doing so.  Therefore, you should look for a company that will give you a free estimate, that will be open and honest about the costs of their services, and that will gladly show you a gallery of the past work they have done.  Another key thing to look for is a testimonial section on their website.

2.  Experience in their field.  Another key attribute of the right company will be their experience.  You should look for a business that has been around for awhile, because they will have the experience and the knowledge to work on your hardwood floors.  Each hardwood floor is unique.  Therefore, hiring a team of experts and professionals to work on your hardwood floor is always the best idea.

3.  Make sure they offer a wide variety of services.  This is important, because you want to be sure you have found a company that specializes in more than just one kind of wood and in more than just one type of floor.  If not, they may come to your home to refinish your hardwood floors, and you may realize that they don’t really know what they are doing.

4.  A desire to educate and help.  The last, and perhaps most important, attribute you should desire in a hardwood floor refinishing company is their desire to educate and help the consumer.  Purchasing hardwood floors, or having them refinished, is hard.  There are dozens of different products and ways to go about it.  Therefore, you should look for a company that has a strong desire to help you understand the different options that are available to you, from reclaimed wood refinishing to red oak refinishing, and that wants to help you understand the process of refinishing your floors.

One such hardwood floor refinishing company in Denver is T&G Flooring.  They meet all of the criteria outlined above.  They are incredibly transparent, they have been in the business of installing new hardwood floors and refinishing them for almost two decades, they offer a wide variety of services, and they have a strong desire to educate you on the options available and to help you.


The Best BBQ in Denver is Texas BBQ.

BBQOne of America’s most iconic foods is barbecue, but, as every barbecue aficionado knows, all barbecue is not the same.  While each region claims to have the best, it would be hard to best some traditional Texas BBQ.  Because of the tradition of ranching and various other factors, Texas was the perfect place for barbecue.  Today, though, you can get amazing Texas BBQ, without having to go to Texas.  In fact, the best BBQ restaurant, in the Denver area, Bennett’s Bar B Que, specializes in Texas-style BBQ dishes.  That being said, it is not without a few Colorado-inspired additions to the menu.  Whatever your specific BBQ taste, though, it is almost certain that you will find something truly mouth-watering to enjoy at Bennett’s Bar B Que.

Like all good BBQ joints, Bennett’s takes everything, from their sauces to their sides, very seriously.  While everything is good, they have a large and diverse menu, so that they can have a dish that suits everyone.  For instance, they even have added a gluten-free menu that contains all the delicious meats and sauces, but without any gluten-containing items.  Furthermore, if you like spicy foods, for instance, they have a ton of options for you.  On the other hand, if you prefer sweet sauces, you will not be disappointed, either.  Since sauce truly is one of the cornerstones of a good BBQ place, you should sample their sauce, to know what they are all about.  They even have three signature sauces, which can be purchased, in bottles.  That way, you can add their delicious sauce, to your own wonderful BBQ dishes.  Their traditional sauce, the Bennett’s Original 1985 BBQ Sauce, is a classic example of top-notch BBQ sauce.  It is not too sweet, and it has a tangy twist.  Their Colorado-inspired spicy sauce, is known as Bennett’s Colorado Kickin’ Sauce.  It contains enough jalepeno to deliver quite a kick, reminding you that you are still in Colorado.  Of course, not everyone can handle the spice.  So, for those who like sweeter dishes, the Bennett’s Sweet Surrender Sauce.  There is not a bar b que restaurant in Colorado with better sauces.

Of course, their sauces are only one of many qualities that make Bennett’s the great Texas BBQ establishment that it is.  For instance, their meats are incredibly tender and smoky.  This is partly because they use such good meat, to begin with, and partly because they slow smoke their meats for so long.  The combination results in beef, pork, chicken, and sausage that will, figuratively speaking, knock your socks off.  Though the meat itself is always the crux of the restaurant, when it comes to BBQ, Bennett’s does not neglect its sides and other entrees.  In fact, there is not any item on their menu that does not fully live up to the standards they set, with their meats and sauces.  Over the years, their menu has grown to become what it is, today.  It provides a combination of great Texas BBQ and some local dishes.

Bennetts BBQ

7490 West 52nd Avenue

Arvada, CO

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Self storage rental is often the best option for someone making a temporary move.

storage unitWest Coast Self Storage of San Jose has years of experience in the storage industry, which ensures that they know how to help you with your storage solutions. They offer competitive prices that are the best in town because their years of experience have helped them to understand the needs of their customers. West Coast Self Storage of San Jose offers various conveniences, such as extended storage facility access hours, that help to make moving and storing your things as easy as possible. We all know that moving can be an incredibly stressful time, and leaving your things in a storage unit can be unsettling. At West Coast Self Storage of San Jose they guarantee peace of mind when you leave your belongings at their facilities. They also understand the challenges that come along with moving and storing and are there to help you any way that they can.

West Coast Self Storage of San Jose offers a wide variety of storage unit sizes and prices. From extra small to extra large storage spaces, they have a unit size available to store anything that you may need. What makes this company unique is their very reasonable and affordable pricing. They understand the financial challenges that many of their customers are facing when they are in need of a storage facility and offer incredible value and service for the lowest prices in town. Another great thing about West Coast Self Storage of San Jose is that they offer storage facility access to their customers three hundred and sixty five days a year. They also have extended office hours that help to make your storing needs as convenient as possible.

A couple of years ago I rented my first storage unit. I was in college and was leaving for the summer to go back home and leave with my parents. I didn’t want to pack up my car and drive it half way across the country just to pack it up again three months later and drive back. I decided to go in on a storage unit with my roommate at the time in order to make the three months the most affordable option. I was surprised by how cheap the three month rental was, although I shouldn’t have been considering that we were renting the smallest unit that they had to offer. The day that we were moving our stuff in to the storage unit the office was really unorganized. We were trying to check in to find out our unit number and get our keys, and the lady behind the desk was frazzled and it seemed like there were papers flying everywhere. I was nervous about coming back to find out that they had accidentally given access to our unit to someone else due to an organizational issue. When we arrived back at the end of the summer to retrieve our stuff the key that they had given us to access the storage facility wasn’t working. We had to wait for an hour before someone could find the right key.


8 Fascinating Facts About The Rimba Raya Project

Our carbon-rich forests has been eaten away by deforestation across the globe at a very alarming rate of one acre per minute.  Destruction of forests in Indonesia with the interests of producing paper, pulp and palm oil caused the land mass to appear bald in the aerial view.  If this deforestation continues on 10 years from now, there will be no more trees to cut because there aren’t trees to cut anymore.

rimba raya


On the southern coast of Borneo which is in the province of Central Kalimantan in Indonesia, lies there a hope for the people: Rimba Raya – a massive ancient forest that stand defiant all these years. Rimba Raya is now dedicated to protect and preserve the hundreds of endangered species that are at risk of being extinct which includes the endangered Bornean Orangutan whose numbers greatly declined over 95% in the last 100 years.

Project brief

The Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve has become a biodiversity reserve and preservation for hundreds or endangered species.  Rimba Raya is the world’s largest project by InfiniteEARTH that protects and preserve lowland peat swamp forest which is one of the most highly endangered ecosystems in the world.  The project aims to reduce Indonesia’s greenhouse gas emissions and protects the at-risk species of Borneo Orangutan.

Project revenue

The revenues of the project have been able to fund environmental education programs, fund rehabilitation programs and the Orangutan Foundation International.  The project is designed based upon the work of World Education to have a better access to clean and drinkable water, efficient cooking stoves and proper health care have been a priority in thd first stage of the Rimba Raya project.


The Rimba Raya project by InfiniteEARTH has development programs that are designed to meet 8 of the United Nation’s Millenium Development Goals.  This focuses on the welfare and rights of women and children as the fundamental vehicle in eradicating chronic poverty.

Endangered animals

Rimba Raya works closely with the Orangutan Foundation International that develop and administer programs committed to the long-term protection of Indonesia’s diminishing Orangutan.

Economic development

Rimba Raya develops alternative income streams by way of investing in micro finance, capacity building and programs that gives basic necessities.  This program allows for community-focused economic growth which is side by side the global responsibility for environmental sustainability.  The program is developed to improve the quality of the environment and create various income opportunities thorough the planting of native cash crop like rubber tree and natural latex.

VCS Certification

The Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve Project is the largest REDD Project to check its emission reductions verified under the Verified Carbon Standard.  This reduces greenhouse gas emissions with an average rate of 4 million tonnes per annum.  The project is scheduled to reduce as nearly as 120 million over the 30 project life.

Emission reductions

Rimba raya is the largest project in the world in terms of net emissions avoidance that was delivered.  They expected to avoid over 120 million tonnes of emissions over the life of the project.

Certification from CCBA

Rimba Raya is the first project to earn the Triple Gold Validation under CCB Standard in recognizing the project’s exceptional demonstration in the areas of Climate, Community and Biodiversity.


For the average Joe it may be hard to comprehend how a website design process takes place. It is not as easy as just uploading a bunch of graphics onto a site and calling it good. There are many steps taken when designing a website to assure that it will have the maximum impact. For example, a pluming website design is rendered through long periods of research and hard work between artists and marketers.

When designing a site the first thing that is done is to have a group of people come in to a control study and talk about the different ideas for a site. People may show them pictures of logos and they are asked what logo they best like and why. Even the colors used are subject to an in depth process of customer screening. After a number of general concept have been developed, the designers will bring their site ideas to the company heads and have a general meeting about what direction the site should head. Often times this part of the process is subject to various revisions and rewrites.

Once a site theme has been selected the web designers sit back down and start to go over the information with the plumbing marketing executives. They talk about the kind of image they want o project for the product and all three steps, the public control, the executives and marketers are all combined and one site is born. The site is created in a template but it is still not ready for publication.

After all this work, the company still needs to investigate where the site will be published. This means with what sister sites or under what links will people be lead to the site. This is a very tedious process because the company wants to ask sure that their site is not affiliated with other sites which do not share their same opinion or which may cause cross competition. After all these factors are considered the plumber marketing site is finally done and is launched. The work is still not over for the people who run the Internet marketing since they have to constantly be ahead of social media campaigns and mass emails that try and bring new clients to the web site.

The job for a web designer is never ending. There are technical support issues that have to be addressed and there is a never ending need for rejuvenation, for accenting the website and making it seem new all the time. Just as with any other product, if people start to get tired of the theme that the website offers, they will stop visiting the site. If a website is designed properly and kept up correctly, it can become the most powerful tool a company has for advertising its business.  Next time you visit a website take a moment to appreciate all the hard work and effort that has gone into something that you may have taken for granted before, it truly is a massive and underappreciated process.


Denver has long been known as the jewel of the west. The city sits a mile above sea level, right next to some the country’s most beautiful mountains and lakes. Denver has become one of the culinary capital of the west, with a food explosion that takes you all the way from japan to Mexico and a little of the local influence that give it a really special touch. Now there is a new reason why Denver is such a great city and that reason is the Denver soccer leagues.

There is a large Hispanic community in Denver that has always been active in soccer but it is not until the last few years that the soccer scene has really taken off. In every sector of the city and its suburbs you can see the construction of new soccer fields. They are turning some of the industrial areas into much more inviting and scenic parts of town with these wide-open fields and fresh green grass.

People have been responding to the resent push for more soccer fields in a very positive way. There may have been a bit of apprehension when the movement started but once people saw how great having a soccer field in the area was, they quickly changed their minds.

There are now 7 Colorado youth soccer leagues in the city and they have not been able to quench the community’s appetite for the sport yet. There are currently 11 new stadiums being built that will be ready in late 2015. The reason that there is so much demand is because soccer is for all ages. There are even youth soccer activities for toddlers at some of the facilities. It is a great way to spend the day with the whole family and get some fresh air.

If all that was not enough to get you excited about the soccer movement there is another great reason to keep it going. The soccer fields are built for soccer leagues and matches but they are so open and free of obstacles that most of the soccer fields off special days of the week when people can come down and play other sports or just go for a nice jog. People just love to be outside in green areas.

The next wave of soccer fields are going to start to expand outside of the city. In rural areas a soccer league is a great way to give a sleepy community a little action and since they both generate profits and are usually backed by the city builders, they are extremely easy to get underway.

With all this attention that soccer is getting in Denver and considering that Denver is such a trend setting city, it may well mean that other cities in the country will start to follow the trend. Who knows, maybe in the future the country’s national sport may well be soccer instead of baseball. The rest of the world has already made soccer the focus of national pride and the center of their athletic activity.


It was strange the way that soccer just kind of popped up over night in the city of Denver. There were always Colorado youth soccer leagues here and there and some people, mainly children, liked the sport. Then we would walk into our favorite sporting goods store and all of a sudden there were soccer balls and other soccer items across an entire wall. More and more children were playing soccer and something else was happening, adults were starting to play soccer, as they never had before. It started to become a typical sight to see a group of 30 something guys and girls kicking a soccer ball around after work. Soccer got picked up quick by young adults when people started to discover the mini soccer courts where you can rent the space for a few hours, play a little soccer and get some great exercises and then go inside the club house and get an ice cold beer or a hotdog. People all over the city were finding out that soccer is neither exclusively for the young or the old that Soccer is played by people in the poorest areas of the city as well as inside the gates of the most prestigious neighborhoods. All at once the city of Denver was buzzing with the excitement of soccer. Now that the game has really started to take off, what does the future hold for soccer in Denver?

It seems inevitable that there will be more and more mini soccer stadiums, known as baby football in some circles, this is played on a court only slightly larger than a tennis court and fits rather snugly into urban areas that may not have sufficient space for full sized fields. These mini soccer clubs are great because they allow people who might not be in shape to run a football field back and forth for 90 minutes.  People love to socialize and these clubs make for a great area for people to come together from all walks of life and enjoy a sport and a beer. There are already a number of mini Denver soccer leagues starting to enroll people this spring. Since the areas needed to play is so small, it also means that the sport can be played year round.

The other big things that are trending and will probably continue to grow are soccer camps. Soccer camps which are traditionally for youth and which make a great way to pass the summer month, outside and active, are now also becoming popular among adults who are seeking a escape from the daily grind. The concept is basically the same as youth soccer camps except for the fact that adult soccer camps include some beer and dancing and a little more relaxing.

What other trends may develop behind this soccer madness that has captured the attention of the mile high city remains to be seen. There will probably be more and more soccer leagues for amateurs in the coming years and you can expect Denver to invest a lot of cash in building a mega stadium for a truly professional Denver soccer team.



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Guides can make the difference in linear motion systems.

When you are deciding on the right type of linear motion system for your needs, it can be tricky to pick out just the right kind of system. For example, what if a specific kind of guide works best for the specific project you are working on, but because you are unaware of the benefits and drawbacks of each kind of guide, you end up selecting on that is not ideal for your purposes? Let ALIO Industries help you select the right guided linear motion system, as they offer a number of different option based on the kind of function you are looking for in your linear motion system. Do your own research first into the many linear motion system guide options, then begin working with ALIO Industries to make the right selection for your linear motion system needs! Linear stages of all kinds have a guide of some kind that attaches to the platform and the base in order to restrict the motion on the platform to a single direction.

1. Ball Bearing Guides are the least expensive option when it comes to guide types. While they are cheap, they are not always the most useful of guides, largely because the are not very strong. They have low load capacity and also have poor accuracy, and cannot travel very far because they are not long enough to do so. They have a relatively short lifetime compared to other guide types. Ball bearings are best used for items like optics lab stages or slides on drawers, but not much else.

2. Recirculating Ball Bearing Guides are also relatively inexpensive and have the added bonus of having unlimited travel, as they are recirculating. However, the are quick to wear out and the positioning of the load ends up oscillating because of the recirculation. They, like their regular ball bearing counterparts, have low load capacity.

3. Crossed roller bearings have a very high load capacity as well as strong, making them a powerful guide tool. They are also known for having a longer lifetime than the ball bearings. Their drawbacks are noticeable in the fact that they have a shorter bearing contact and therefore have a relatively short travel distance. They are also quite expensive, making them useful on linear motion systems for microscopes or optics labs.

4. Flexures are powerful tools because they offer excellent accuracy and no wear in linear stages. They also have no backlash at all. Their short travel distance and low load capacity make them tricky for many linear motion systems and they too are expensive. Optic fiber alignment is a particularly good use for these kinds of guides.

5. Cylindrical sleeve guides have all the great benefits that come with being both powerful and inexpensive for a linear motion system. They have a high load capacity and unlimited travel as well. They do run into issues with binding if bending is present in the linear track, but they make great guides on radial arm saws, scanners and printers.

6. Dovetails have the highest load capacity of all and unlimited travel while also being inexpensive. They do have a high backlash, but their strength makes them ideal for machine shop equipment linear motion systems.


When it comes time to getting a pet for the house there are so many things to consider. Getting a pet is serious; many animals can live 15 or 20 years and that means that they might be with you through a better portion of your life. You are going to want a pet that is fun to be with and with whom you can share the happy and sad times of your life. You also want a pet that can offer some kind of protection, in the case that you live alone or that just like to feel a bit safer. Many people decide on a dog for their pet. Why not a dog? They don’t call dogs man’s best friend, for nothing. A dog is a great companion through thick and thin and for many they provide that perfect balance of independence and loyalty.

If a dog is the right choice for you, then the next question becomes’; what breed of dog is right for you. There are thousands of different dog breeds out there and they all offer something special and unique that sets them apart from other breeds. One breed really stands apart in the dog world, and that breed is the Australian labradoodle. This amazing breed of dogs has been giving people joy and friendship for decades. Nothing has the power to warm the heart as fantastically as a little troop of Australian labradoodle puppies.

What makes the labradoodle so amazing? Not to mention that it is one of the handsomest of all the dog breeds, it just has that natural human like personality that allows people to bond with it in a very special way. The labradoodle is great for people who are looking for a companion for outdoor activities because it is best at home in the wild. Although these dogs love to run free in wide-open spaces, that does not mean that they are not suited for home living. The dogs enjoy a reputation for being great backyard dogs, since they are not known to run amuck and destroy gardens and because they have a solid reputation for being amazing protectors of the home.

Inside the home these creatures are welcome as well, thanks to the fact that they do not shed hair like many other breeds. Not shedding means that you won’t have to spend hours cleaning dog hair out of your home each week and if you have anyone in the home who has dog hair allergies, there will be no problem for them to spend some time with the labradoodle.

If this sounds like it might be the dog you have been dreaming about, just call up your local labradoodle breeder. A breeder will be able to further inform you about the qualities of these animals as well as the special care they might require in some situations. You can also go online and read about these amazing dogs on a number of labradoodle owner sites where people share stories and experiences about their dogs with the rest of the world.



Specific Services Offered By Data Science Consulting Firms Can Be Perfect For You

With the help of a data science consulting firm your company or business can use the large data sets that you have compiled over time to reach optimal operations efficiency.  The amount of involvement that such a consulting firm has in your operations processes is always up to you, and this will depend largely on what data that you would like to have analyzed and what changes you seek to make.  There are more specific services that data science consulting firms offer so that you can pick and choose which areas you would require consulting in.  One such service that can be commonly provided and that is frequently helpful is capability assessment and science consulting

Capability assessment and/or development targets within your company’s system what capabilities that you currently have and what would be wise to acquire.  Data science consulting can help you to build on the capabilities that you have and develop those that you don’t if they are essential to the overall optimization model.  When provided through data science consulting firms, capability coaching can get you on the fast track to developing what you need without a long and drawn out trial and error process.  This ultimately means you could achieve the specific capabilities that are vital to your optimization model months or years ahead of time.  More specifically, capability coaching may  be done through technical mentoring, training in opportunity evaluation, candidate evaluation, design and quality-control reviews, organization, engineering-process design, or scientific architecture.  All of these coaching techniques and specifications are designed to help your company find the best way to do things.  The best way to do things is never the same between companies.  This always depends on the specific logistics, working environment, potential, and overall atmosphere that is unique to each case.

With this new knowledge, it is possible that your company might want to take on data science management and analysis themselves.  As mentioned before, each case is unique so the decision would need to be made by you.  If that is the route you wish to take but you start to encounter some problems along the way, many data science consulting firms offer a sort of “rent a scientist” service.  This is perfect if you don’t wish to hand over you entire data set for another to manage, but you have specific questions during your own analysis that a data scientist could help with.  Many consulting firms also offer webinars that discuss common problems or other issues with data analysis.

Individual services like work capability assessment and development or “rent a scientist” are just two of the many that most data science consulting firms offer.  They are interested in your company’s success in finding optimal operations efficiency just as much as you are.  The amount of their involvement in your company’s processes is always up to you, and it’s always OK to make changes in your plan along the way.  The ultimate goal is to find the best way to do what you want to do.