For the average Joe it may be hard to comprehend how a website design process takes place. It is not as easy as just uploading a bunch of graphics onto a site and calling it good. There are many steps taken when designing a website to assure that it will have the maximum impact. For example, a pluming website design is rendered through long periods of research and hard work between artists and marketers.

When designing a site the first thing that is done is to have a group of people come in to a control study and talk about the different ideas for a site. People may show them pictures of logos and they are asked what logo they best like and why. Even the colors used are subject to an in depth process of customer screening. After a number of general concept have been developed, the designers will bring their site ideas to the company heads and have a general meeting about what direction the site should head. Often times this part of the process is subject to various revisions and rewrites.

Once a site theme has been selected the web designers sit back down and start to go over the information with the plumbing marketing executives. They talk about the kind of image they want o project for the product and all three steps, the public control, the executives and marketers are all combined and one site is born. The site is created in a template but it is still not ready for publication.

After all this work, the company still needs to investigate where the site will be published. This means with what sister sites or under what links will people be lead to the site. This is a very tedious process because the company wants to ask sure that their site is not affiliated with other sites which do not share their same opinion or which may cause cross competition. After all these factors are considered the plumber marketing site is finally done and is launched. The work is still not over for the people who run the Internet marketing since they have to constantly be ahead of social media campaigns and mass emails that try and bring new clients to the web site.

The job for a web designer is never ending. There are technical support issues that have to be addressed and there is a never ending need for rejuvenation, for accenting the website and making it seem new all the time. Just as with any other product, if people start to get tired of the theme that the website offers, they will stop visiting the site. If a website is designed properly and kept up correctly, it can become the most powerful tool a company has for advertising its business.  Next time you visit a website take a moment to appreciate all the hard work and effort that has gone into something that you may have taken for granted before, it truly is a massive and underappreciated process.


Denver has long been known as the jewel of the west. The city sits a mile above sea level, right next to some the country’s most beautiful mountains and lakes. Denver has become one of the culinary capital of the west, with a food explosion that takes you all the way from japan to Mexico and a little of the local influence that give it a really special touch. Now there is a new reason why Denver is such a great city and that reason is the Denver soccer leagues.

There is a large Hispanic community in Denver that has always been active in soccer but it is not until the last few years that the soccer scene has really taken off. In every sector of the city and its suburbs you can see the construction of new soccer fields. They are turning some of the industrial areas into much more inviting and scenic parts of town with these wide-open fields and fresh green grass.

People have been responding to the resent push for more soccer fields in a very positive way. There may have been a bit of apprehension when the movement started but once people saw how great having a soccer field in the area was, they quickly changed their minds.

There are now 7 Colorado youth soccer leagues in the city and they have not been able to quench the community’s appetite for the sport yet. There are currently 11 new stadiums being built that will be ready in late 2015. The reason that there is so much demand is because soccer is for all ages. There are even youth soccer activities for toddlers at some of the facilities. It is a great way to spend the day with the whole family and get some fresh air.

If all that was not enough to get you excited about the soccer movement there is another great reason to keep it going. The soccer fields are built for soccer leagues and matches but they are so open and free of obstacles that most of the soccer fields off special days of the week when people can come down and play other sports or just go for a nice jog. People just love to be outside in green areas.

The next wave of soccer fields are going to start to expand outside of the city. In rural areas a soccer league is a great way to give a sleepy community a little action and since they both generate profits and are usually backed by the city builders, they are extremely easy to get underway.

With all this attention that soccer is getting in Denver and considering that Denver is such a trend setting city, it may well mean that other cities in the country will start to follow the trend. Who knows, maybe in the future the country’s national sport may well be soccer instead of baseball. The rest of the world has already made soccer the focus of national pride and the center of their athletic activity.


It was strange the way that soccer just kind of popped up over night in the city of Denver. There were always Colorado youth soccer leagues here and there and some people, mainly children, liked the sport. Then we would walk into our favorite sporting goods store and all of a sudden there were soccer balls and other soccer items across an entire wall. More and more children were playing soccer and something else was happening, adults were starting to play soccer, as they never had before. It started to become a typical sight to see a group of 30 something guys and girls kicking a soccer ball around after work. Soccer got picked up quick by young adults when people started to discover the mini soccer courts where you can rent the space for a few hours, play a little soccer and get some great exercises and then go inside the club house and get an ice cold beer or a hotdog. People all over the city were finding out that soccer is neither exclusively for the young or the old that Soccer is played by people in the poorest areas of the city as well as inside the gates of the most prestigious neighborhoods. All at once the city of Denver was buzzing with the excitement of soccer. Now that the game has really started to take off, what does the future hold for soccer in Denver?

It seems inevitable that there will be more and more mini soccer stadiums, known as baby football in some circles, this is played on a court only slightly larger than a tennis court and fits rather snugly into urban areas that may not have sufficient space for full sized fields. These mini soccer clubs are great because they allow people who might not be in shape to run a football field back and forth for 90 minutes.  People love to socialize and these clubs make for a great area for people to come together from all walks of life and enjoy a sport and a beer. There are already a number of mini Denver soccer leagues starting to enroll people this spring. Since the areas needed to play is so small, it also means that the sport can be played year round.

The other big things that are trending and will probably continue to grow are soccer camps. Soccer camps which are traditionally for youth and which make a great way to pass the summer month, outside and active, are now also becoming popular among adults who are seeking a escape from the daily grind. The concept is basically the same as youth soccer camps except for the fact that adult soccer camps include some beer and dancing and a little more relaxing.

What other trends may develop behind this soccer madness that has captured the attention of the mile high city remains to be seen. There will probably be more and more soccer leagues for amateurs in the coming years and you can expect Denver to invest a lot of cash in building a mega stadium for a truly professional Denver soccer team.



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When it comes time to getting a pet for the house there are so many things to consider. Getting a pet is serious; many animals can live 15 or 20 years and that means that they might be with you through a better portion of your life. You are going to want a pet that is fun to be with and with whom you can share the happy and sad times of your life. You also want a pet that can offer some kind of protection, in the case that you live alone or that just like to feel a bit safer. Many people decide on a dog for their pet. Why not a dog? They don’t call dogs man’s best friend, for nothing. A dog is a great companion through thick and thin and for many they provide that perfect balance of independence and loyalty.

If a dog is the right choice for you, then the next question becomes’; what breed of dog is right for you. There are thousands of different dog breeds out there and they all offer something special and unique that sets them apart from other breeds. One breed really stands apart in the dog world, and that breed is the Australian labradoodle. This amazing breed of dogs has been giving people joy and friendship for decades. Nothing has the power to warm the heart as fantastically as a little troop of Australian labradoodle puppies.

What makes the labradoodle so amazing? Not to mention that it is one of the handsomest of all the dog breeds, it just has that natural human like personality that allows people to bond with it in a very special way. The labradoodle is great for people who are looking for a companion for outdoor activities because it is best at home in the wild. Although these dogs love to run free in wide-open spaces, that does not mean that they are not suited for home living. The dogs enjoy a reputation for being great backyard dogs, since they are not known to run amuck and destroy gardens and because they have a solid reputation for being amazing protectors of the home.

Inside the home these creatures are welcome as well, thanks to the fact that they do not shed hair like many other breeds. Not shedding means that you won’t have to spend hours cleaning dog hair out of your home each week and if you have anyone in the home who has dog hair allergies, there will be no problem for them to spend some time with the labradoodle.

If this sounds like it might be the dog you have been dreaming about, just call up your local labradoodle breeder. A breeder will be able to further inform you about the qualities of these animals as well as the special care they might require in some situations. You can also go online and read about these amazing dogs on a number of labradoodle owner sites where people share stories and experiences about their dogs with the rest of the world.



Specific Services Offered By Data Science Consulting Firms Can Be Perfect For You

With the help of a data science consulting firm your company or business can use the large data sets that you have compiled over time to reach optimal operations efficiency.  The amount of involvement that such a consulting firm has in your operations processes is always up to you, and this will depend largely on what data that you would like to have analyzed and what changes you seek to make.  There are more specific services that data science consulting firms offer so that you can pick and choose which areas you would require consulting in.  One such service that can be commonly provided and that is frequently helpful is capability assessment and science consulting

Capability assessment and/or development targets within your company’s system what capabilities that you currently have and what would be wise to acquire.  Data science consulting can help you to build on the capabilities that you have and develop those that you don’t if they are essential to the overall optimization model.  When provided through data science consulting firms, capability coaching can get you on the fast track to developing what you need without a long and drawn out trial and error process.  This ultimately means you could achieve the specific capabilities that are vital to your optimization model months or years ahead of time.  More specifically, capability coaching may  be done through technical mentoring, training in opportunity evaluation, candidate evaluation, design and quality-control reviews, organization, engineering-process design, or scientific architecture.  All of these coaching techniques and specifications are designed to help your company find the best way to do things.  The best way to do things is never the same between companies.  This always depends on the specific logistics, working environment, potential, and overall atmosphere that is unique to each case.

With this new knowledge, it is possible that your company might want to take on data science management and analysis themselves.  As mentioned before, each case is unique so the decision would need to be made by you.  If that is the route you wish to take but you start to encounter some problems along the way, many data science consulting firms offer a sort of “rent a scientist” service.  This is perfect if you don’t wish to hand over you entire data set for another to manage, but you have specific questions during your own analysis that a data scientist could help with.  Many consulting firms also offer webinars that discuss common problems or other issues with data analysis.

Individual services like work capability assessment and development or “rent a scientist” are just two of the many that most data science consulting firms offer.  They are interested in your company’s success in finding optimal operations efficiency just as much as you are.  The amount of their involvement in your company’s processes is always up to you, and it’s always OK to make changes in your plan along the way.  The ultimate goal is to find the best way to do what you want to do.

App for pharmacovigilance can help prevent misuse of prescription drugs

The past five years have seen an alarming trend in the United States. Fourfold increases in opioid prescriptions have led to significant increases in overdoses and deaths as a result of improper use of these medications. The vast majority of these overdose deaths have been accidental, and most of them were obtained with a valid prescription from a doctor and filled by a reputable pharmacy. They are typically a result of misuse or abuse because of intentional or unintentional mixing of these prescriptions with others that present a threat, or other substances such as alcohol which make opioids more dangerous than they are on their own. As highly addictive drugs that are extremely powerful they present a uniquely dangerous combination to patients.

However, they also provide much needed relief to millions living with chronic and severe pain. Figuring out how to better equip patients with the information they need to take these medications safely and in moderation can help reduce overdoses and deaths without restricting access to much needed pain management services provided by these types of drugs.

There are several ways to think about doing this. More provider education and law enforcement app for side effectsfor a few bad actors who are over prescribing can help moderate the supply side of the problem, but there needs to be more evidence behind the various measures that could be taken in this space. One of the promising practices is encouraging the use of an app for medication tracking, which keeps records of the medications a person is taking and when they are taking them. A pharmacovigilance app such as MedWatcher can help a patient remember to take the right drugs at the right time, and in the right quantities. Apps for medication tracking can, when used correctly, also help keep patients from – often accidentally – combining drugs together that should not be taken together, such as opioids and anti-depressants. This is a lethal combination that many are unaware of, or they downplay the risks if they are told by their doctor. But an app on their smart phone that points them in the right direction to user friendly materials can help connect vital medical information with a patient in ways that a doctor cannot.

Opioids are just one type of drug that can be very dangerous if not used exactly as prescribed, but MedWatcher tracks a wide variety of different drugs. It also tracks side effects, so a patient knows when the reaction they might have to something is normal or when something more serious is potentially going on. People who are in severe chronic, or even acute pain can often have a difficult time managing their own pain levels and need some assistance from other people or devices. Building up a certain level of tolerance over time will make them want to take more of a drug, but if they follow the exact instructions provided by their medication app, they will run a lower risk of becoming addicted or of using them for an extended period of time.

How to Create Your Online Locksmith Marketing Strategy

Online advertising has been one of the most successful channels in today’s marketing industry.  In fact, online advertising revenues already surpassed cable television revenues and television broadcasting revenues in the US by the year 2012 and is projected to grow more in the coming years.  In effect, companies are in a constant race to establish their online presence in order to keep up with the competitive market and to take advantage of the growing online community.

Creating a clear online strategy in an industry such as locksmithing is very important in order to deliver good results and ensure that a positive return of investment is achieved.

Locksmith marketing

locksmith at work

Here are some strategies in order to get a positive outcome from your online locksmith marketing:

Choose your target market wisely.  It is best for a locksmithing business to have a clear perspective of its target market.  This way, the company will be able to formulate precise marketing and advertising efforts that is effective in promoting the products and services.  Having a target market also saves time, energy, money, and resources which are needed in order to run the business.  Consequently, it will be easier for the customers to find them since their online presence can be easily seen on the channels that are specific for their industry.

Consider to create a unique brand name and image.  Creating a unique brand name and image is very important in online marketing. This allows the company to be easily recognizable amongst hundreds or thousands of competitors in the market.  Having a unique image that is closely associated with the locksmithing industry leaves a lasting impression to the customers.  The locksmith web design of a company’s web pages and the color scheme should also be unique in order to ensure that proper branding is achieved.

Study your industry competitors.   Studying the websites of industry competitors can be very beneficial to every business.  This will provide a company a good grasp of what strategies works best within the industry and which do not.  It will also give the company information about the current trends in the market so they will be able to keep a competitive edge in the online advertising platform.

Always keep track of online activities.  Tracking the progress of every marketing channel and even the slightest changes in a company’s website can be very important in order to improve performance.  A prime example can be the ranking of the company in a search engine results page.    A lower ranking means that the company should invest in a good locksmith SEO strategy in order not to fall behind from other competitors.

Always be consistent.  Online marketing is very dynamic. That is why having weekly reports is very common in order to point out positive trends in the market.  In addition, being consistent in the schedule of online campaigns is also very important. This will ensure that brand visibility is in equal footing with other companies throughout the week.

Always evaluate return of investment.  Evaluating the return of investment is the best way to measure the effectiveness of online campaigns.  This way, the company will be able to point out effective strategies and keep the company’s losses at a low.

I Found The Help That I Needed In Deciding On Custom Shutters and Shades

I might be one of the most indecisive people on the planet, and I have been ever since I can remember.  I’m not always proud of this, but I do know that when it comes to any decision, big or small, I like to make sure I have covered every single option.  Maybe I’m just afraid that I will miss out on something spectacular because I didn’t know that it existed.  Or I might regret something that I decided on later but that I can’t take back; I really hate that feeling.  So once again I needed to make a decision about the window coverings and treatments in my house and it took me forever.  When I moved into this particular house a few years ago the windows were already covered and left by the previous owner, and I didn’t make any changes because I wasn’t sure what I wanted.  The drapes and blinds don’t match my furniture or my style at all, so after several comments from my friends I finally tore them all down so that I would have to choose something new.

When it comes to window treatments, I truly wanted to find some unique coverings that I had never seen before.  This way I knew I could decide a little bit easier because I would know that I would not find them anywhere else.  The best way to do that was to find a custom window treatment service that would design and create something unique.  To get a taste for what I might like I needed some help.  There are so many different kinds of coverings to get for a window; you can cover it completely with built in blinds or you want add light and fluffy curtains to let the breeze in.custom shades

If you are like me and you can’t decide what you might like, visit the showroom to get the look and feel of of custom blinds, shades, shutters and more.  You can move and feel the full size displays to get a full understanding of how you would operate it in your own home.  You can also compare the size and shape of your own windows to the ones in the showroom to see what the designers thought was best for them.  This was a great way for me to get a good starting point for options, and the whole time I was viewing the showroom there were certified window treatment specialists around to answer my questions and give input on style when I was lost.

It was quite a challenge to find window treatments for pretty much every window in my home, but I went to just the right place to get the help I needed.  Now my drapes and blinds actually match the rest of the room, and I get compliments instead of comments from my friends on the look and feel of the window treatments.  I certainly don’t regret waiting this long to make a change because I know that I found the right place to help me and the right coverings for each window.

Marketing your nonprofit’s website is a great way to attract new followers.

Social media has taken a very serious turn for nonprofits and now many, including mine, have their own digital media content manager.  This is someone that can post things online and also get more followers.  The big idea is that we want to be relevant when someone starts to think about an issue in the community and how they can get involved.  One of the things for which we are aiming to do is to make sure that more and more people can help join the tide and fix some of the biggest and most complex issues in our city.  The good thing is that now with the help of all of these social media accounts, we can have access to these people like never before.

non profit web designMarketing our nonprofit through social media allows for us to tell our story and relate to people that may not have been familiar with our brand or mission.  In doing so, I hope to influence them to better support issues that affect the most needy in our community, invest in solutions, and advocate for them when they did not previously. I know a variety of different nonprofits that have been able to do this very successfully.  One of the nonprofits that is noted for being excellent at social media is called Charity Water.  They have a variety of celebrities that advocate on their behalf and also a number of high quality spokespeople that can talk knowledgeably about some of the issues impacting those that do not have access to water.  They are then able to spread this information through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, reaching millions of people that would not have probably sought out the organization on their own volition.  It is a pretty cool type of marketing plan to see in action.  That is why it is imperative for a nonprofit to have a marketing plan that can help them reach out to people.  One of the things that I think to be most important is that kind of outreach.

Another item that goes hand in hand with that outreach is the opportunity to recruit new followers through your well-design nonprofit website. Doing so opens up the opportunity for more and more individuals to start following your cause.  There is a great opportunity for individuals to start building up their investment in the community through a nonprofit.  I do think that one of the ways that a nonprofit can capitalize on their presence in the community would be to hire a SEO firm to increase their visibility through Google search results.  That is something that would be very promising and I think that there is a huge opportunity for people to find nonprofits through Google.  The nonprofits can help themselves out by appearing higher in the search results.  A great way to do that is through the SEO firm and their ability to influence that side of the marketing equation.  I think it would be very interesting to see what nonprofits rose to the top, if they were all using a SEO firm.


Stylish tips for custom window treatments

Window treatments can transform your home.  In this weeks post, we will be exploring some unique ways to update your home through the installation of custom window treatments.  If you have not yet taken the time to update the window treatments throughout your home, it is worth it.  Not only will they look great, but they will help you make your home more energy efficient.  These tips will help you to begin thinking about how you want to design your home with new window treatments.

1) Be bold:  If you are looking to make your home look more fun and exciting, think about using bold colors, unique materials, or complex patterns on your custom window treatments.  A great example of a way to make a bold statement with a window covering is through the use of roman curtains. Many roman curtains can be found unique bold designs and fun, vibrant colors.  This will be a nice stay away from your standard white or off white shutters, blinds, or curtains.

2) Let in the light!  If you are someone who enjoys a well lit house, the right window treatments can make your house feel brighter and can help to bring in a lot of that wonderful vitamin D! A great option for someone who like to let in a lot of natural light, but also retain their privacy, is shades.  Sheer shades will cover your windows enough to keep your home private, well letting in a stream of sunshine.

3) Elegant window treatments: Large windows can be covered by long, draping curtains to add a dramatic and elegant feel to a room.  Try doing this in a dining room with large windows.  It will add a very nice affect in a large room with big windows.  Try doing this in a neutral color, which will bring a modern twist to an elegant design.

4) Mix it up!  You do not need to have identical window treatments in each room of the house.  Mix it up, have fun with it.  Maybe you will want sheer shades to bring in a lot of light into the kitchen, elegant curtains for your dining area, and wooden shutters which keep out the early morning light in your bedroom.  There are no rules here that say that all of your rooms must match!  It is a fun project to design each room uniquely and will make you enjoy every room in your home even more.

5) Be practical:  While it is fun to think about all of the design elements, it is still important to remember that window treatments serve a very practical purpose.  The provide privacy, help you regulate the lighting of your home, and help insulate your home in cold weather.  Keep these things in mind as you think about designing your custom window treatments

These are just a few things to think about.  There are many local businesses, such as Lori Jill designs, who have experts who can help you choose and install custom window treatments in your home.