Here are some tips to find a great company for hardwood floor refinishing in Denver. a great company to provide a service can be quite a chore, especially in today’s world where everyone has too many things to do and too little time.  Nobody has the time to search for a company for hours and hours, to check on their references, and to set up a time to meet with them.  This is true with all kinds of companies that provide services, even companies that refinish hardwood floors.

Hardwood floors have become more and more common in homes, which means that the companies in the hardwood floor industry have become more numerous.  Here is a list of tips that should help you find a hardwood floor refinishing company in Denver.

1.  Look for transparency.  One of the first things you should look for in a company that works in the field of hardwood floors is that they are transparent.  Companies that try to hide the prices of their services or the past work that they have done probably have a reason for doing so.  Therefore, you should look for a company that will give you a free estimate, that will be open and honest about the costs of their services, and that will gladly show you a gallery of the past work they have done.  Another key thing to look for is a testimonial section on their website.

2.  Experience in their field.  Another key attribute of the right company will be their experience.  You should look for a business that has been around for awhile, because they will have the experience and the knowledge to work on your hardwood floors.  Each hardwood floor is unique.  Therefore, hiring a team of experts and professionals to work on your hardwood floor is always the best idea.

3.  Make sure they offer a wide variety of services.  This is important, because you want to be sure you have found a company that specializes in more than just one kind of wood and in more than just one type of floor.  If not, they may come to your home to refinish your hardwood floors, and you may realize that they don’t really know what they are doing.

4.  A desire to educate and help.  The last, and perhaps most important, attribute you should desire in a hardwood floor refinishing company is their desire to educate and help the consumer.  Purchasing hardwood floors, or having them refinished, is hard.  There are dozens of different products and ways to go about it.  Therefore, you should look for a company that has a strong desire to help you understand the different options that are available to you, from reclaimed wood refinishing to red oak refinishing, and that wants to help you understand the process of refinishing your floors.

One such hardwood floor refinishing company in Denver is T&G Flooring.  They meet all of the criteria outlined above.  They are incredibly transparent, they have been in the business of installing new hardwood floors and refinishing them for almost two decades, they offer a wide variety of services, and they have a strong desire to educate you on the options available and to help you.


The Best BBQ in Denver is Texas BBQ.

BBQOne of America’s most iconic foods is barbecue, but, as every barbecue aficionado knows, all barbecue is not the same.  While each region claims to have the best, it would be hard to best some traditional Texas BBQ.  Because of the tradition of ranching and various other factors, Texas was the perfect place for barbecue.  Today, though, you can get amazing Texas BBQ, without having to go to Texas.  In fact, the best BBQ restaurant, in the Denver area, Bennett’s Bar B Que, specializes in Texas-style BBQ dishes.  That being said, it is not without a few Colorado-inspired additions to the menu.  Whatever your specific BBQ taste, though, it is almost certain that you will find something truly mouth-watering to enjoy at Bennett’s Bar B Que.

Like all good BBQ joints, Bennett’s takes everything, from their sauces to their sides, very seriously.  While everything is good, they have a large and diverse menu, so that they can have a dish that suits everyone.  For instance, they even have added a gluten-free menu that contains all the delicious meats and sauces, but without any gluten-containing items.  Furthermore, if you like spicy foods, for instance, they have a ton of options for you.  On the other hand, if you prefer sweet sauces, you will not be disappointed, either.  Since sauce truly is one of the cornerstones of a good BBQ place, you should sample their sauce, to know what they are all about.  They even have three signature sauces, which can be purchased, in bottles.  That way, you can add their delicious sauce, to your own wonderful BBQ dishes.  Their traditional sauce, the Bennett’s Original 1985 BBQ Sauce, is a classic example of top-notch BBQ sauce.  It is not too sweet, and it has a tangy twist.  Their Colorado-inspired spicy sauce, is known as Bennett’s Colorado Kickin’ Sauce.  It contains enough jalepeno to deliver quite a kick, reminding you that you are still in Colorado.  Of course, not everyone can handle the spice.  So, for those who like sweeter dishes, the Bennett’s Sweet Surrender Sauce.  There is not a bar b que restaurant in Colorado with better sauces.

Of course, their sauces are only one of many qualities that make Bennett’s the great Texas BBQ establishment that it is.  For instance, their meats are incredibly tender and smoky.  This is partly because they use such good meat, to begin with, and partly because they slow smoke their meats for so long.  The combination results in beef, pork, chicken, and sausage that will, figuratively speaking, knock your socks off.  Though the meat itself is always the crux of the restaurant, when it comes to BBQ, Bennett’s does not neglect its sides and other entrees.  In fact, there is not any item on their menu that does not fully live up to the standards they set, with their meats and sauces.  Over the years, their menu has grown to become what it is, today.  It provides a combination of great Texas BBQ and some local dishes.

Bennetts BBQ

7490 West 52nd Avenue

Arvada, CO

(303) 424-0318